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Chris E Frost

Service Delivery Lead for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Tech-driven security & marketing geek by evening

Culinary extraordinaire by night

My Interest

Techie things

Information security fanatic
Social media enthusiast
Mind map admirer
Votary of infographics
Follower of brand influences

Non-geeky things

Insatiable traveler
Tranquil scuba-diver
Frustrated golfer
Apprentice baker
Devotee photographer

I ♥ Kiva

Since 2009 I’ve been a true believer and supporter of most Peer-To-Peer and Crowd-Sourcing philosophies. Whether it be Kiva helping people in the 3rd world, Funding Circle for UK businesses, Seedrs helping new startups or Kickstarter for wacky inventions.

Kiva is a non-profit organisation that allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 70 countries.

To date a group of us have helped over 2,700 individuals by lending over $70,000 to assist with their businesses & studies. We’ve helped pay for education, housing and even assisted people buy chickens and the odd cow!

Bragging Rights

I survived swimming in the Antarctic… just!

No word of a lie!…

In 2011 I was lucky enough to board the Akademik Ioffe, a Russian Academy of Science polar research ship. During the 3 week trip, whilst in the Antarctic Circle a small number of us plied ourselves with lots and lots of Russian vodka before an Iceburg Watchman indicated it was safe, and we jumped in.

Cripped in less than a second, I was yanked out of the ocean and back onto the ship by some Russian weightlifter. Once my heartrate had come down from 380bps I was given the all clear by the Dr. and allowed to resume drinking Vodka.

Never again!